Preferred Partners





Evelyn Owens and the Evelyn Owens Team at Keller Williams Realty in Franklin, NC is pleased to recommend the services of our Preferred Partners. You’ll find products and services to help you prepare for a move, get your home ready to sell, or just find a few things to make life easier. This list takes the guess work out of the shopping around process. If you should have questions contact us for additional information.




Electrical: Duke Energy
Phone: 800-777-9898

Home Telephone: Frontier Communications
Phone: 877-462-8188

Water/Waste Services: 
Apply at Town Hall
Phone: 828-524-2516

Garbage Collection: J&B Disposal
Phone: 828-369-2199

Cable Television: Morris Broadband
Phone: 888-855-9036





Bob Williamson
Phone: 828-788-2983

Carla Haire
Phone: 828-524-0151



Animal Control


John Hook
Phone: 828-349-2106



Anchor Appraisals
Dana Murray
Phone: 828-349-9244

Holt Appraising
David Holt
Phone: 828-524-7362


Vinson Appraisal Service

Dwight Vinson

Phone: 828-349-3379


Guy Duvall / Kevin Spivey
Phone: 828-524-7700

Terry Daily

Phone: 828-342-6870



Russell  R. Bowling

Phone: 828-524-5070


Collins & Hensley, PA
Phone: 828-524-0017


Coward, Hicks, and Siler, PA
Phone: 828-524-6475


Gillette Law Firm, PLLC
Phone: 828-634-7941


Jones, Key, Melvin, & Patton, PA
Phone: 828-524-4444


Law Offices of Kenneth Fronknecht
Phone: 828-349-9911

Steven E. Philo, PA
Phone: 828-347-3377


Rusty Key

Phone: 828-369-5676

Appliance Repair


Daves Appliance Services
Phone: 828-524-9760


Mountain Express Services Inc

Phone: 828-524-0799


Peavey’s Appliance Repair

Phone: 828-369-2373

Auto Repair


Franklin Ford 

Phone: 828-524-2156


Countryside Chevrolet

Phone: 828-524-0734


Smoky Mountain Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep

Phone: 828-369-5003


Welch’s Automotive

Phone: 828-524-3117


Auto Repair Con’t


Ramsey’s Clinic

Phone: 828-369-9507


Poindexter Tire

Phone: 828-524-7906



Phone: 828-524-3242


AAA / Ridgecrest Towing

Phone: 828-349-0011


Swain Collision & Towing

Phone: 828-369-8031



Auto Detailing


Mountain Auto (Mike)
Phone: 828-369-0339

Banks / Lenders


Entegra Bank
Phone: 828-524-7000


Movement Mortgage
Dwayne Wiseman
Phone: 828-230-0690


Regina England
Phone: 828-524-5144


United Community Bank

Ashley Matthews

Phone: 828-371-1333


Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group
Doug Houston
Phone: 828-332-2377

Builders / Contractors


Ross McDougall

Phone: 828-369-7782


Robert Cunningham

Phone: 828-421-6175


Josh Berg

Phone: 828-369-2200


America’s Homeplace (Josh Proctor)

Phone: 828-349-0990


Arrowood Construction (Brett Murphy)

Phone: 828-524-7273


Southern Heritage Builders

Phone: 828-524-6526



Mr. Bobs Carpet Outlet

Phone: 828-524-8188


Carpet Cleaning


Regal Carpet Cleaning (Rick)

Phone: 828-524-7297



Phone: 828-371-3100


Carpentry / Handyman



Phone: 828-371-3100


Pat Bale

Phone: 828-421-3570


Misa (+yard work)

Phone: 828-371-5075


Phil Oosthuysen (+yard work)

Phone: 828-371-3096


Dustin Mason

Phone: 828-342-9172

Chimney Sweep



JR’s Chimney Sweep
Phone: 828-524-9634


The Chimney Sweep

Phone: 828-524-9910


Homestead Chimney Sweep
Phone: 828-736-1337


All About Chimneys
Phone: 828-333-9042



Cleaning Services


Kathy Conway

Phone: 828-421-5079


Shelly Rewis
Phone: 828-347-6156

Renee Bangas
Phone: 828-371-8072


Teressa Russell

Phone: 828-369-7519



Phone: 828-371-9745


Serv Pro

Phone: 828-349-0707


Chem-Dry of the Smokies

Phone: 828-524-6902

County & Town Offices


Franklin NC Town Office 
Phone: 828-524-2516 

Franklin Fire Department 

Phone: 828-524-2332


Franklin NC Police Department 
Phone: 828-524-2864


Franklin NC Town Office 
Phone: 828-524-2516 


Macon County Courthouse

Phone: 828-349-2000


Macon County NC Board of Elections 
Phone: 828-349-2034 


Macon County NC Humane Society
Phone: 828-524-4588 


Macon County Inspections 

Phone: 828-349-2072


Macon County Landfill 
Phone: 828-349-2077


Macon County Public Health 
Phone: 828-349-2081


Macon County Public Library 
Phone: 828-524-3600


Macon County Rec Park 
Phone: 828-349-2090


Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Robert Holland
Phone: 828-349-2104


Macon County Social Services 
Phone: 828-349-2114

Driving Service/ Rental


Macon Transit

Phone: 828-349-2222



Phone: 828-524-3265


Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Phone: 828-349-0078




Alan Rhew (+signs, business cards)

Phone: 828-371-5780


Vance Aerial (Scott)

Phone: 828-421-8947




Bumgarner Electric

Phone: 828-524-5121


Vans Electric

Phone: 828-369-1500


D&J Contracting (Johnny Ammons)

Phone: 828-421-0479


Moore Contracting

Phone: 828-369-8792


John McDowell

Phone: 828-524-1803


Booth Electric

Phone: 828-631-9473



Larry Lackey
Phone: 828-524-9185


Excavating / Grading Companies


CR Shuler Construction 
Phone: 828-421-1440


John Brown
Phone: 828-369-9468


Donnie Bates 
Phone: 828-524-3840


Tim Teague 
Phone: 828-524-8562


Donnie Stanley 
Phone: 828-421-3389


Chris Cook

Phone: 828-371-1768


Bowers Grading (Ponds, Clearing, Rock Walls)

Phone: 828-371-2243


Black Bear Paving

Phone: 828-349-3390




Phone: 828-524-8641


Chet Williamson

Phone: 828-342-0168


Steve Howard

Phone: 828-369-7217


Tommy Stockton (Tile, Stone, Marble)

Phone: 828-369-1536



Garbage PickUp


J&B Disposal

Phone: 828-369-2727




Franklin Glass

Phone: 828-524-8208


The Glass Shoppe

Phone: 828-349-0088


Western Carolina Auto Glass

Phone: 828-349-9480

Gutters & Siding


Phone: 828-349-9392





Duane Sheldon

Phone: 828-349-7424


Pat Bale

Phone: 828-421-3570


Phil Oosthuysen

Phone: 828-371-3096


Gary Browning

Phone: 828-369-2786


Roland Mock

Phone: 828-371-1727


Mark Herman

Phone: 828-371-0343


Ray Sanders

Phone: 828-421-1487


Brian Wolter

Phone: 828-421-4277


Steve Stanley

Phone: 828-369-7532

Heating & Air Services


Andrews Auld, Inc. 
Phone: 828-349-4662


Corbin & McMahan 
Phone: 828-369-8750


Aaron Holland
Phone: 828-421-2917


Franklin Sheet Metal
Phone: 828-524-2821


All County (Jay Gaines)
Phone: 828-349-4367


All Service Heat & Air

Phone: 828-349-1933


Home Security


ADT / Nathan Stroup
Phone: 704-310-5153


Home Staging


Andy Lawley
Phone: 828-349-4992


Sarah Clancy
Phone: 828-347-3181


Home Warranty


America’s Preferred

Phone: 800-648-5006


Old Republic

Phone: 800-282-7131

Home Inspector


Eagle Eye (Patricia Nardy)

Phone: 828-743-2055


Garry Roper

Phone: 828-369-1597


Chuck Grant

Phone: 828-361-2420


Mike Mincey

Phone: 828-342-6650


Stephen Cicman

Phone: 704-476-0104


Young Home Inspection (Terry)

Phone: 828-736-0676





Angel Medical Center 
Emergency Room
Phone: 828-524-8411




Farm Bureau (Charles Thun)

Phone: 828-524-6147


State Farm

Phone: 828-524-6461


Wayah Insurance Group

Phone: 828-524-4442



Phone: 828-369-3699


Internet Service Providers


Frontier DSL 
Toll Free: 800-921-8101


Dnet Internet Services
Toll Free: 877-601-3638

Morris Broadband
Toll Free: 888-855-9036

Smokey Mountain Internet Service 
Phone: 828-349-9541


Junk Removal


U Call We Haul

Phone: 828-200-5268


Elite Services

Phone: 828-321-9811




Gibson Lock & Key

Phone: 828-342-5145


Moving Service


Men on the Move

Phone: 828-389-4818


Smoky Mountain Movers

Phone: 828-349-4551


Allied Moving Company

Phone: 800-444-6787



Disaster Doctors
Maury & Ivy Burstein
Phone: 828-369-2000
Toll Free: 800-717-0003


Scott Holland

Phone: 828-342-3015




The Franklin Press 
Phone: 828-524-2010


Macon County News 
Phone: 828-369-6767




BR’s Painting

Phone: 828-369-6916


Steve Stanley

Phone: 828-369-7532


Jimmy Cole

Phone: 828-332-7225


David Kelley

Phone: 828-371-8160

Pest Control / Inspection


Aaron’s Termite & Pest Control
Phone: 828-524-6167


Phone: 828-524-4795




Rapid Rooter

Phone: 828-342-2883



Phone: 828-349-4787


Tommy Cochran

Phone: 828-342-8979



Phone: 828-524-2140


Mike Bale 

Phone: 828-342-2531


Dan Young

Phone: 828-421-6181


Freeman Plumbing

Phone: 828-349-9690


Duke Energy
Phone: 800-777-989



Freeman Gas
Phone: 828-349-0064


Phone: 828-524-2160


Tugalo Gas Company 
Phone: 828-369-7101


Mountain Gas

Phone: 828-342-3572


Radon Mitigation


Phone: 704-375-1783



Rockfall / Slope Stabilization


Ameritech (Roger Moore) 
Phone: 828-633-6352





Michael Melton

Phone: 828-421-6712


Highlander Roofing (Luke Smith)

Phone: 828-524-7773


Cox and Sons

Phone: 828-461-1965


Johann Williams

Phone: 828-371-2111


JR’s Roofing

Phone: 877-213-6324


Ed McLeod

Phone: 828-371-2353




Bates Septic Tanks

Phone: 828-524-6483


Rapid Rooter

Phone: 828-342-2883


Paul Higdon

Phone: 828-369-5048


John Brown

Phone: 828-371-1730


Sewing / Alterations


Phone: 828-369-3139



Appalachian Surveyors

Phone: 706-746-2625


Ben West

Phone: 828-524-3668


Lamar Sprinkle

Phone: 828-524-5867


Aaron Garrett

Phone: 828-421-4919


Tree Service


Franklin Tree Care

Phone: 828-421-3519


Young Tree Service

Phone: 828-524-0019


Cutting Edge

Phone: 828-421-2905


Charles Ledford

Phone: 828-342-6745


Patrick Merrit

Phone: 828-421-3314




Morris Broadband

Phone: 888-855-9036


Direct TV

Phone: 800-595-9506


Dish Network

Phone: 800-974-9875

Water Testing & Treatment


EAS Testing Lab
Phone: 828-524-2353

Well Drillers


Crane Brothers
Phone: 828-524-4976

Hedden Brothers
Phone: 828-369-9591

Phone: 828-524-3260

C&C Pumps
Phone: 828-369-5176

Window Treatments


Christine’s Home Décor
Phone: 828-524-7007

Yard Work


Robbie Robyns
Phone: 828-371-8188

R&B Lawn
Phone: 828-421-4396

Clark and Co.
Phone: 828-369-2505

Norgrow (Phil Oost)
Phone: 828-371-3096

Bobby Ledford
Phone: 828-421-2731

Phone: 828-371-5075